Why do you need Travel Insurance for your Himalayan Trek?

Going on a Himalayan Trek? Have you bought your travel insurance plan? If no, then it is highly recommended that you get yourself one today and protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances. While trekking can be quite adventurous, various mishaps including injury, death, theft, medical emergencies and other miscellaneous expenses can occur. A good travel insurance plan will cover you for all the above while you enjoy your dream Himalayan trek.

It is expected that you have the insurance copy during the duration of the trek in the Himalayas so as to ensure that you are well covered for all expenses including helicopter and ambulance costs.

Emergency rescue

Doctors from the West are on call in various hospitals and aid posts. These include the Himalayan Rescue Association in Pheriche and Manang, which are parts of the various trekking trails that are there in the Everest Trekking and Annapurna Circuit respectively. Usually, the Himalaya Trekking service takes care of these accidents as in most instances there are no doctors present to provide medical relief when they occur. Rescue operations are done by this team to relieve the ill and injured trekkers. Travel insurance companies can refurbish the costs if the rescue teams are in their network.

Small, treatable injuries can be relieved by doctors who are a part of the helicopter operations team and take care of minor injuries like altitude sickness etc. Serious medical problems call for immediate rescue missions and involve advance rescue teams.

Payment Guarantee

To avail immediate helicopter rescue service, one needs to make a cash deposit or sign a rescue clause in Kathmandu. Initial payments and costs are usually borne by the rescue operations team, but after that, the claim has to be filed with the travel insurance company that covers emergency helicopter rescue. Make sure that either the travel insurance plan or the overseas travel insurance plan covers the costs adequately so that it is easier for you to make hassle-free decisions. All the provisions for rescue and the insurance for the same have to be planned prior to the trek. Careful planning can avert the dangers of any unforeseen accidents where one might lose their life. Accidents and illnesses are quite common, so care must be taken to address them in a befitting manner by choosing the right travel insurance plan online.