Verger Champetre – The Ultimate promenade alpaga you can find

When holiday time arrives, kids are quite excited and want to explore various types of activities and experience. If you are someone who is looking to find an ideal spot that would provide for maximum enjoyment, interesting and holistic kind of experience that is close to nature then you can very well choose to go with promenade alpaga Verger Champetre. The place has managed to garner widespread attention and reach in a short span of time and has made heads turn with its complete experience offering.

Perfect location

Verger Champetre is located in Granby, Quebec. It is a well known fact that Quebec comes across as a top spot as far as fun and entertainment activities are concerned. Each year, thousands and thousands of people are known to come to this region to experience the wonderful experience and comfort that it promises to offer. Verger Champetre is located in Quebec, a place that looks and feels splendid between June and December months. It is one spot that you should never miss out to take a look as it would create lasting memories and experience in you as well as your kids.

It comes with a 3Km trail that is snow clad and looks exceptionally stunning and beautiful in every way. It provides one with the unique experience of walking along with animals that are scattered all across the region. It offer for a unique experience at every level as it has over 3000 orchards spread across containing different types of fruits. You along with your family members and friends get to stroll across the orchards and pick fruits on your own. It is something that would provide for a completely out of the box experience.

New projects

The best and interesting aspect about Verger Champetre is that it never settles for less and constantly explores new ideas and plans. The owners Therese and Mario are highly passionate about the spot who bring up new plans and ideas from time to time. The new projects would accommodate different set of plans and would keep the place all the more active and interesting for the public.


Verger Champetre also offers for different range of over 1000 products that you can check through and buy if interested. It brings various products and various categories and the choices are unlimited on the whole. Make sure that you check out its website from time to time to know about latest projects and activities.