NYC Bucket List For Every Traveler In The World!

You already know that a visit to Central park is a must when in NYC, and everyone has told you great things about the beauty of Lady Liberty. However, New York City offers more than a list of countless attractions. Yes, you can always spend your time enjoying an organized tour of the city that never sleeps, but some of the experiences we have mentioned below.

Attend a concert

No matter what genre of music you love, you can find a show or event in NYC. Many of the jazz clubs have regular in-house events and concerts, and these are worth every penny spent. It is always wise to check for event calendar in advance and make a booking, especially on weekends when the rush is extensive to say the least. If you are in mood for a free show, you are likely to find something in Central Park, especially in the summers.

Dine at one of the unique restaurants

NYC is more about just pizzas and cheeseburgers. You can check online for unique restaurants in New York City and get your table reserved. From sushi to amazing Italian fare, there is so much to enjoy. There is no denying that the fancy restaurants in this city can be expensive, but you wouldn’t mind paying that money. Also, many jazz clubs do have a signature menu that you can consider.

Don’t miss the experience of a Broadway show

Did you know that some of the best Broadway shows have digital lotteries? Yes, that’s right. However, before the theatre opens, you can always be there on time and get your tickets. Sometimes people line up early in the morning, even though most theatres only open at 10 am. Broadway shows may seem hyped, but you will change your opinion after the first one.

Enjoy a bike ride at Central Park

While watching people and attractions at Central Park is worth the time, you would still do better riding a bike. There are full-day rentals available, and you can explore the 800-acre park at your own speed, although it is impossible to see everything in a day.

If you are here for a short time, do not forget to book everything in advance, especially show and event tickets. For those who are looking for restaurants and guided food tours, there are many online resources for help. Make your time in NYC count!