Get Fit or Stay Fit Whilst on a Family Holiday

You can gain weight if you take a cruise whilst on holiday or spend time lazing around at a tropical resort. However, you can get into shape, maintain an exercise regimen, or stay slim if you choose cycling. Any holiday that gives you a chance to stay active in this way will make you feel better both physically and mentally.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

That is why cycling holidays are trending in the UK and Europe. Not only is cycling fun and a challenge but it gives you an opportunity to see towns up close and immerse yourself into the culture of a place. A cycling holiday provides great together time for a family as everyone can travel and see places on a more personal level.

Do You Have Younger Children?

A cycling holiday can be booked for families with children under 12 years old as well as for families that feature older children. If you have younger members in your household taking this type of tour, you will find that the trips are easier and self-guided.

One of the holidays featured for families with younger children includes a bike ride down the Danube Cycle Path. This excursion lasts nine or ten nights and is offered from mid-April to the middle of October. Riders travel from Passau to Vienna and ride along the Danube River. If you want to extend the tour, you can opt to choose an additional night in Linz.

A Kid-Friendly Cycling Path

The Danube cycle path is level with only a few small hills. Therefore, young children will find this trail easier to navigate. Families visit Austrian villages and towns and enjoy the changing scenery. Besides the Danube cycle path, you might consider a cycling tour of Tuscany. This family-friendly trip covers seven nights and is featured from March to the end of November. If you want to budget your holiday funds, this is the tour to take.

How About Cycling in Scotland?

Families with younger children also like to cycle in Scotland. Going past the lakes and castles can prove to be a fairy tale come true. Children love to view castle architecture and the surrounding scenery.

Take a Cycling Tour of Catalonia in Spain

Perhaps you would like to take a shorter journey, such as a five nights, with your family. If so, you might consider cycling past the greenways of Catalonia. This trip is normally offered from mid-March to the end of October. This getaway in Spain features a cycling trip that spans along the Girona Greenways. The converted railways lines provide a family-friendly path for cyclists to follow.

A Nice Way to End a Family Cycling Holiday

Kids and parents get to see river marshes, volcanic areas, and woodlands. You will also visit Girona City, which provides plenty to do when it comes to sights and attractions. Visit the interesting and historic Jewish Quarter or the lovely and memorable cathedral. The last part of this trip takes families along the coast, where the final destination is the Mediterranean Sea. The last day is spent relaxing on the beach.