Exploring the best of Bromont, Quebec: Here’s a list!

For the uninitiated, Bromont is located southwestern Quebec, right the foot of Mount Brome. Bromont, for the longest time, has been a know tourist destination for adventure activities, especially mountain biking, downhill skiing and hiking. From enjoying a randonnée en famille to indulging in expensive spa experiences, there’s something for everyone in Bromont. In this post, we bring the best of Bromont for your help.

Start with hiking

Did you know that there are more than 100kms of biking and hiking trails in Bromont? All of this is free, and it can be one of the best activities worth exploring here. The recreational trails can be nicely divided into five networks – Mount Berthier Network, Mountain Network, Mount Oak Network, Village network, and Gale Lake Network. The last one is great for families, and there are tourist services that can help in planning your trip.

Come to Ski Bromont

Ski Bromont is unarguably the most familiar and popular tourist destination, where you can learn things like downhill skiing and hiking, and yes, the food at the resort is amazing. Also, in the summer months, you can try golf, enjoy equestrian events and water slides. Ski Bromont is usually booked to full in winters and fall, so make sure to book in advance. For those who want to just enjoy mountain biking, The Mount Oak Network and National Cycling Center Bromont are good options. Many places, including National Cycling Center Bromont, has push bikes for toddlers, as well.

Indulge at the BALNEA Spa

BALNEA Spa, which is located close to Lac Gale and perched on a mountainside, is known to be the largest bathhouse resort in the whole of Quebec. We recommend this place exclusively for honeymooners, who can spend time experience yoga and hiking close to the lake, while the spa has interesting experiences influenced by international approaches. There’s also the LUMAMI restaurant, where you can enjoy great food at the right place, no matter whether you are a client of BALNEA Spa or not.

Bromont is all about experience, and we recommend that you book your stay in advance. Bromont feels a lot better in the summer, but winter is when you can explore skiing like no other place in Quebec. Keep at least two to three days in hand, so that you can enjoy the weather and bask in the beauty of panoramic views. Check online now to know more.