Don’t Miss These Experiences When You Come To Ouray, Colorado!

Located in Southwestern Colorado in the much-famed San Juan Mountains, Ouray is an awesome getaway for anyone looking for an escape. Often called The Switzerland of America, Ouray offers a wide range of engaging activities, and the old Victorian structures of the town are still in use, making for a divine view. In this post, we are discussing a few things that you must enjoy in Ouray, Colorado.

Consider hiking

From the town, you can take many treks and hikes. In fact, a lot of people come to Ouray for the Box Cañon Falls Trail. Make sure that you are well-packed even for the summers, because the weather can be erratic. Around the fall season, you can expect to see a sea of colors, unlike anywhere else in Colorado. Ouray Perimeter Trail is the closest one to the town, while Bear Creek Falls is the best experience in autumn.

Book an awesome place to stay

Ouray is one of the few places, where you wouldn’t mind spending on accommodation. Most of the better options, such as Ouray Chalet Inn, have amazing rooms, and the activities surrounding these places will keep you busy. The locations of these hotels and chalets are breathtaking at times, and you can spend an entire week, doing nothing at all.

Enjoy fishing

With endless streams, active rivers, and stunning lakes, this is a great town for enjoying fishing. We recommend that you make time for Ridgway Reservoir, which is a fun location offering beautiful views, and if you are new here, you can get all the supplies in the town or can even contact your hotel for a few ideas, equipment, and locations.

Don’t miss Canyoning

Canyoning is another popular activity in the town, and you can find endless canyons in the town and close-by areas. If you are not trained, you can always consider hiring a local guide company that can offer the required knowledge and equipment required to get started. Canyoning requires some experience and understanding, so don’t just jump into it.

Finally, we also recommend that you make time for Wright Opera House, where you will find one show or the other. Ouray feels its best on an extended trip, so make sure that you have at least one week to spare. This can be a great outing for your honeymoon or can become a destination for family fun – Book your travel and stay now.