Climbing for kids of all ages

Have you heard that climbing as a family offers long-lasting memories and helps to form bonds between family members that are stronger than anything else? Climbing for kids is a great way for the whole family to spend a few hours as one. It is also a great way to get fit and active together. Your children and you will develop some new skills in a fun, interesting, and exciting way. Altitude activities guides are known to be guides that are super friendly, super professional and, above all, have tons of experience in climbing. And climbing for kids is no different.

A kid or a monkey

We all know that kids have loads of energy and love climbing things, whether is a chair, sofa, or a tree outside your home. Altitude activities will help you take your child’s energy and introduce them to a safe way of climbing as an active and healthy activity. You do not need any previous experience or gear for climbing for kids adventure. We will take care of harnesses, helmets, ropes etc. You and your kid only need to show up and be enthusiastic about the adventure that we are going to experience together.

Excellent bonding experience

Physical activity is important and climbing for kids is an opportunity to burn that extra energy, develop more control of their body parts, gain self-confidence, and learn how to trust a parent even more. The climbing for kids activity will teach you and your child how to climb safely, how to belay, how to enjoy the experience of climbing together, without unnecessary stress and worry. Because if you are doing it safely, climbing can be an excellent bonding sports activity that you and your child can enjoy together. And there are limitless opportunities open for your family, once you learn the basics of climbing and belaying.Join us at climbing for kids, it will be educating and fun!