Are You Looking for a Different Kind of Holiday This Year?

We all like to save up so that we can go on holiday at the end of the year, but how often do you end up going to the same old places because it’s just easier? Of course, the best kinds of holidays are a mix of relaxation and stimulation. The best kinds of holidays are definitely the ones that we remember, so if you really want to do something different and perfectly memorable, whale watching offers something truly unique.

The Wonders of Nature

Every year, the mighty humpback whales make a long and arduous journey from the waters of the Antarctic and swim up the coast of Australia to warmer climates. They are truly one of nature’s most magnificent creatures and the sight of them breaching the waters off the east coast of Australia is something wonderful to behold.

If you’re looking for a unique sort of holiday, taking a trip to Sydney to see the migration of the humpback whales represents a unique and truly memorable experience. So, what can you expect when you go whale watching in Sydney?

An Experience to Remember for Life

Imagine standing on a hired vessel and heading out to sea to watch the passing pods of whales. You’ll have some amazing opportunities to watch and photograph these magnificent animals as they make their way up the coast. So, what kinds of behaviours should you expect to see? Consider the following:

  • Breaching: Despite their size, humpback whales will regularly breach the surface of the water. Onlookers will often see plumes of white water explode above the surface of the sea as the mammoth bodies of the whales breach the water. In many cases, they will come right out of the water so that they are clearly visible.
  • Slapping: Common to many whales, fin slapping is where they playfully smack the water with their tail or pectoral fins. This creates a big splash of white water and a loud noise. It really drives home the strength of these magnificent creatures!

More Than Just Relaxing

The best kinds of holidays are always about more than just lazing around and relaxing. When you go to see the whales swim along the coast, you are experiencing the magnificence and beauty of nature first hand. You are getting a glimpse of a once in a year event that takes the humpback whales from the cold Antarctic waters to warmer tropical waters so that they can breed and calve.

If you’re sick and tired of going to the same old places for your family holidays, taking a trip to Sydney to watch the humpback whales will be a unique experience that no one in the family will soon forget. After all, we’re part of nature and our busy lives will often make us forget that the world around us sustains us. By experiencing the whales, one gets to experience something truly amazing and gets back to the wonder of the natural world and our place within it.