A Simple Guide To Exploring More In Copenhagen!

The Danish capital is one of the most popular and frequently-visited cities of Europe. From lips-smacking food and fine dining options, to waterways, great roads, and amusement parks, Copenhagen has it call. If you are new to the city, exploring Copenhagen can be a bummer, which is why we have enlisted all the important things-to-do right below for your help.

  • Start by renting a bike. Did you know that Copenhagen is among the most cycle-friendly cities in the world? In fact, it compares to Amsterdam in that context. Rental options are available in plenty, and yes, you can get bikes for all budgets, including ones with GPS. Getting around would be easy.

  • Don’t rush. Copenhagen feels best when you are not in a hurry. This is an important commercial center, but there’s a lot to be enjoyed on the streets. For example, head to Blågårdsgade if you are mood to party and enjoy live music at some of the happening bars and clubs.
  • Make time for Nyhavn. As the historic waterfront area, Nyhavn features in almost every other picture of this city. The homes here were built in 18th century and have been nicely preserved. Besides those colourful buildings, you will also find great cafes for coffee and more.
  • Take a boat ride. Nyhavn harbor area has many options for organized boat tours, and these are worth considering, especially if you want to explore Copenhagen in a different way. Most of these have a stopover close the Little Mermaid – the iconic sculpture.
  • Tivoli Garden and Bakken Amusement Park should be on your list. These are among the two oldest amusement parks in the world, and you should consider visiting both. You can choose to go to Bakken Amusement Park first, because entry is free and the rides aren’t as thrilling as Tivoli Garden.

Other places of interest that can be considered includes Rosenborg Castle, Botanical Garden, Christiansborg Palace, and Copenhagen’s National Museum. If you are in mood for shopping, head to Strøget.

Where to stay?

Copenhagen is an expensive city, so it’s best to avoid the hotels that hardly have anything good to offer, unless you are opting for the iconic names. If you wish to splurge, you can check the best hotel Copenhagen apartments at Østerbro. These properties are priced right, and you get everything at your disposal. From the simple one-bedroom apartments to more expensive penthouses, there’s something for every budget. Plus, the savings are huge if you are traveling with a group.

Points to note

If you wish to explore Copenhagen like a pro, it is best to get your bike and get around. However, the quickest way to get around is metro and rail, and you can easily navigate through using the maps. It is best to keep the evenings relaxed in Copenhagen, because locals here love to party and enjoy their time after dusk. The bars, clubs and restaurants are full of lively people, and enjoying your drink would be a different experience – After all, you are apparently in the happiest city in the world.