A Few Exciting Things to Enjoy in Ouray

If you are planning a day trip, weekend holiday or deciding to make Ouray your long holiday destination all you need is to book travelling tickets, pack your essentials and land in the blissful place.

It is often an issue to find the best comfortable place to stay in this popular destination, thus many travelers shy away from visiting the place in the peak season. However, if you are planning to visit Ouray, that won’t be an issue. This is because you will be heartily greeted to stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn.

Now, here is a brief note about the most exciting things to enjoy in Ouray:

  • Animas fork ghost town – This is a mysterious place to explore. You can join the team of explorers seeking to know the living of miners.


  • Bachelor Syracuse mine tour – It is really a guided tour in a gold mine fully active in the 19th.
  • Bear creek trail – If you desire to go on hiking, this will be the safest option. The trial helps you to know more about the miner’s life history and enjoy natural wonders of the mountain while moving around the Grizzly bear mine and Yellow Jacket mine trail.
  • Hot Springs Park – Can’t miss it. In Ouray, there are five hot springs helping you to soothe your body pain and refresh your mind. Even in winter snowy days you can soak in the hot spring water. Isn’t it attractive!
  • Ice Park – Mostly crowded in the months of winter, fully appreciated by kids and people who prefer to walk and slide on ice.
  • Ridgway Area Trials – Popularly known as RAT will be the most exciting place for bikers. The long trial roads are the best experimental way to know whether you are an expert biker. However, bikers enjoy the ride mostly to seek relaxing moments in midst of nature’s amazing marvels.
  • Riding ATV adventures – You can ride on mountain trials and enjoy the whole natural astonishing elements. You can rent an ATV and enjoy the ride with your partner.

  • Trial rides on back of the horse – You can visit any horse-riding camps near Rocky Mountains and trot along the trial where you can witness various species of fauna that is native to Ouray.

Hope these tips will help to choose exciting adventures to do in Ouray which will make your stay enjoyable and memorable.